Best Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker Review

Best Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker Review
Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker is a newly released product in Amazon and we are going to do a review on this coffee maker in this post.

For those coffee lovers out there, the time has finally come for a coffee machine is able to satisfy your taste buds in 3 different ways.

Continue reading to find out more on those ways and what this coffee maker can do for you.




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1. Features
2. Brewing with Ground Coffee
3. Brewing with a K-Cup Pack
4. Alternative Options to Coffee
5. Tips & Care
6. Size/Dimension
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros & Cons
9. Discount Price
10. Recommendation (My Opinion)


Product Features

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In this product feature section, we will be discussing at some powerful and special functions of what this unit can do for you and your family.

This Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker allows you to conveniently brew freshly ground coffee one minute or coffee pod or instant K-Cup pack the next. For coffee lovers who value flexibility every morning, this FlexBrew Single Serve is the solution for you because of its revolutionary brewing method.

With its user-friendly and convenient features, this new favorite machine for coffee lovers costs only pennies to brew your fresh ground coffee. This FlexBrew Single Serve maker has a great advantage over other single serve brewers; it comes with a easily removable K-Cup holder to allow for pre-packaged and pre-measured coffee.

Next, comparing to some other leading competitors, this machine also has better coffee extraction than them. You can also select the standard-size cups or travel mugs with the equipped adjustable cup rest. After the brew cycle of this unit completed, this coffee maker also has the ability to automatically shut-off itself which means that you do not have to worry about whether you have forgot to shut down the machine.

The Hamilton Beach 49995 is durable, designed with stainless steel features. It is also dishwasher safe and comes with removable parts as well. This model also comes with a “Quick Start” guide with simple, step-by-step instruction for brewing so that you can start to enjoy delicious coffee when you have received this machine.

This unit measures approximately 9 x 6.5 x 13 inches.

Below are some of the features for the Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker:

  • Compatible with soft pods, coffee grounds or K-Cup packs
  • Adjustable Cup Rest –  Allows for travel mugs or standard-size cups
  • 10-oz. brewing capacity (Note: travel mug not included)
  • “Quick Start” Guide – Step-by-step brewing instruction to get you started fast
  • Coffee extraction is better than the leading competitor
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel features
  • Removable parts
  • Automatically shut off after brewing cycle is completed
  • Customer service support available through a US toll-free number

Brewing with Ground Coffee

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Featuring a steel mesh scoop filter, this machine is capable of holding a variety of ground coffee that is fresh-tasting. If you want, you can choose to grind your own coffee beans to the medium-grind setting or purchase pre-ground coffee to save time.

One thing to note is that if you grind your coffee ground too finely, it will overflow. If you are not very sure about the coarseness of your coffee, you can check with your coffee manufacturer.

Brewing with a K-Cup Pack

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Some coffee lovers like to just quickly insert a pre-packaged, single pack into their coffee machine, sit back and enjoy a hot and delicious cup of coffee in just minutes. With this Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker, you simply just need to insert the K-Cup pack, push down the lever and that’s all you have to do to enjoy your coffee.

Alternative Options to Coffee

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If you do not like to drink coffee or want to have other options, this is the one to look for. Unlike other home-brewers that only brew their own type of coffee, this coffee maker allows for variety of tea pods such as white, black, green, chai, herbal and flavorful blends

Tips & Care

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Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew performs best with medium-grind coffee; coffee that is ground too fine might affect the filtering process or the extraction time. The next tip is to remember to keep the coffee ground below the max fill line and do not use more than 10 ounces (410 ml) of water.

When you are using K-Cup pack holder, press down edge of the pack until the K-Cup pack clicks into place and hole is punched in the bottom. Make sure you do not remove the foil and allow 2 minutes to cool in-between brews.

The K-Cup pack holder and brew basket should be rinsed after every use. Those removable parts such as the K-Cup Pack holder, drip tray, handle and lock, cup rest and basket itself are all dishwasher safe. This machine should be cleaned internally once a month for trouble-free maintenance. You can do so by pouring ½ cup cold water and ½ cup plain white vinegar into the water reservoir, brewing and then running 2-3 cycles of cold tap water before you start to make the next round of coffee.


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Height: 13 in
Width: 6.3 in
Length: 9 in

Customer Reviews

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When I received my “Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffeemaker”, I wasn’t expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised and impressed…(read more here: Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker Review)”

We got this little beauty day before Thanksgiving, just in time for the holiday dessert table. I can’t say enough about it!…(read more here: Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker Review)”

Average Rating: 4.8


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros: As this product is still quite new in Amazon, there are still not much customers’ reviews yet. So far, there are only 4 reviews in Amazon for this unit. Out of the 4 reviews, 3 of them have given a 5 star rating and the other has given a 4 star rating. This result is pretty amazing as so far there are still no reviews with 3 stars or below although there are only 4 reviews. Based on the rating, you can see that the users are very satisfied of what they have bought. So now, we are going to see what the pros are.

Firstly, not only can it is easy to use, this unit can also brew good coffee for you anytime you want without the hassles of queuing up in those coffee cafes. People also like the options of having to choose to use their own ground coffee beans, any of the K-Cups or soft pods. This is a pretty convenient feature.

Since this machine also has the capability of shutting down itself automatically after brewing, you won’t leave it on accidentally. The sleek design and the stainless features will looks good on any kitchen and it does not takes up much space as well. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean after used.

This unit measures approximately 9 x 6.5 x 13 inches.



product name consCons: After looking at the pros of this Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker, we are going to look at the cons in this section.

However, since it is still quite new in Amazon and there are not much customers’ reviews yet, we will update this section as soon as we got enough information. So, make sure you come back here to look at what are the cons for this coffeemaker


Hamilton Beach 49995 Price

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We recommend you to buy from Amazon even if they might not have the best price. This is because they have great reputation and their support is top notch. However, since Amazon tends to change the price of their products, we decided not to put down the price on our website so as not to confuse you. Click on the buy button below to check out the product price and discounts from Amazon itself.

Check current pricing discounts:

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Recommendation (My Opinion)

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Even though this machine is still quite new in Amazon and the reviews it received currently are all 4 stars and above, we would actually suggest you to wait as we are trying to gather more information on what are the disadvantages caused by this FlexBrew Single Serve. We will update as soon as we can.


Hamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker Features Overview:

FeatureHamilton Beach 49995 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker
BrandHamilton Beach
DimensionMeasures approximately 9 x 6.5 x 13 inches
PriceFind out more from Amazon
Feature 1Compatible with coffee grounds, K-Cup packs or soft pods
Feature 2Adjustable cup rest allows for standard-size cups or travel mugs
Feature 3Better coffee extraction than the leading competitor
Feature 4Durable, stainless steel features and dishwasher safe, removable parts
Average Rating4.8 Out of 5

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