Best Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review

Best Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review
This Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker is well designed, sleek, attractive and will looks good no matter where you placed it.

For any coffee lovers, a delicious cup of coffee is very important to them especially in the morning. First thing when you wake up is to want a good coffee to brighten up your day.

So in this coffee maker reviews, we will be looking on what are some of the things that this Melitta coffeemaker can do for you.



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1. Features
2. Size/Dimension
3. Customer Reviews
4. Pros & Cons
5. Discount Price
6. Recommendation (My Opinion)


Product Features

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In this product features section, we will be looking at some of the unique and remarkable features for this Melitta 46894 Coffeemaker.

Firstly, this unit comes with a stainless steel carafe that has the ability to keep the coffee warm without the needs for a warming plate following the brewing cycle. Even though the coffee that you brewed still does lose heat over time, you will not lose any taste at all for this Melitta model. For machines with a glass carafe will be different. In order to keep the temperature of the coffee consistent, glass carafes require a warming plate to do so by essentially cooking it. This means that your coffee will not taste good anymore after the brewing cycle has completed.

The ideal brewing temperature for coffee should be between 195-205 degrees F. Melitta is designed to take care of this. Some of the coffee machines out there do not have this function. So, if you brew your coffee at higher temperature, the grinds will be over-extract which resulted in the bitter taste.

This 10 cup coffee maker not only is capable of making hot coffee, it can keep it warm even after some time. It is also very easy to fill without spilling because the opening of the water reservoir is pretty large. This unit does not just only brew parts of the grinds, but the entire filters worth of grinds.

Next, this unit has 3 brew strength settings including regular, bold and robust for rich-tasting coffee. It is also programmable with the 2 hour auto shutoff feature which means that you do not have to worry about forgetting to shut down the machine after used. With this model, you can also use it to make ice coffee as well! First, fill up the carafe with ice, double coffee grounds and starts to brew. That is all and you will have a nice ice coffee for the hot weather. The included manual has the detailed instruction of how to do it.

This easy to use coffeemaker is also easy to clean as well without hassles. Finally, this drip coffee machine is quite cheap as well and you may even consider giving it to other people as a gift.

Product features for Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker:

  • Programmable with 2-hour auto shutoff – Do not have to worry about forgetting to turn off the unit
  • Durable stainless steel – Designed to last for a long time
  • Regular, bold and robust settings – For a rich-tasting coffee
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Cone filter design – Better coffee extraction


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Height: 16.5 in
Width: 10 in
Length: 12.1 in
Weight: 9.4 lbs
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

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So far I really like it. I ran water thru it and it is 5 degrees hotter than my Philips and it has a hot plate which gets good and hot during the brew time and then goes off when it stops brewing…(read more here: Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review)”

Sleek looks, simple use, great coffee, easy to clean up. Coffee still pretty warm after 4 hrs. Really easy to use and clean carafe…(read more here: Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review)”

Average Rating: 3.8


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros: As of writing this Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review, it is ranking number #3 in Amazon under the Drip Coffee Machines category. This unit also has an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 from 246 customers’ reviews. From those 246 reviews, 119 of them have given a 5 star rating, 44 of them have given a 4 star rating and the rest have given 3 star and below. Now that we have known the ranking and rating of this Melitta 46894 Coffeemaker, we are going to look at some of the pros for this 10 cup maker.

First thing first, this coffee machine is sturdy, simple to use and has a sleek design which will looks good on any kitchen. Besides that, this machine is capable of brewing great coffee without any burnt coffee taste at all because it can brew coffee at the ideal temperature. With the thermal carafe, the coffee brewed is still pretty warm after about 4 hours and you only need to use one hand to pour from the carafe.

The next highlight of this model is the water reservoir. Since it has a large opening, it is very easy to fill. The hot water is spread evenly across the top of the filter cone for better coffee extraction. It also comes with the pause and serves function which is very useful and it can be programmed to auto start as well.

Firstly, this is one of the few coffee makers that can meet the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America for its quality and performance. This coffee maker has a sleek appearance, designed with high quality stainless steel and it is easy to clean. The shower head design with multiple holes dripping hot water on the grounds provides full coffee grounds saturation. When you are not at home, you also do not have to worry about turning it off because of the 2 hour auto shut off ability.

You can also easily clean this machine after you have used it to brew your favorite coffee. You can also give this product to other people and they will surely love it just like you do.



product name consCons: No matter what products you buy, there are always pros and cons including this product and let see what they are.

Customers in Amazon who give a lower rating have feedback on the carafe of this product. The carafe is slow to pour and it will drip down the front after you have poured. Some people have feedback that their machine only last them about few months before it died.

Melitta 46894 Price

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Recommendation (My Opinion)

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We would recommend this to you if you are looking for a coffee machine that has the capability of brewing a good hot cup of coffee. In addition, the thermal carafe can keep it warm for about few hours after brewing. Although it has some glitches here and there, it is still consider worth it given the fairly cheap price of this model.


Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Features Overview:

FeatureMelitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker
DimensionMeasures approximately 10 x 12.1 x 16.5 inches
Weight9.4 Pounds
Shipping Weight10 Pounds
PriceFind out more from Amazon
3 Brew Strength SettingsRegular, bold and robust settings for rich-tasting coffee
Automatic Pause and ServeUseful function that people like
Cone Filter DesignBetter coffee extraction
Average Rating3.8 Out of 5

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