Best Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review

Best Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review
Welcome to our Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review. A cup of delicious coffee in the morning can make or break your day so it is important to some people to get a good coffee maker.

With a good coffee maker in your house, you can avoid all the hassles of queuing up in your local cafe and at the same time can enjoy delicious coffee anytime you want.

Continue reading to find out more on what this Nespresso maker can do for you and your family.



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1. Features
2. How to Use
3. Size/Dimension
4. Customer Reviews
5. Pros & Cons
6. Discount Price
7. Recommendation (My Opinion)


Product Features

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After the short introduction of having a coffee maker at home for coffee lovers, it is time to look at some of the highlights of this Nespresso CitiZ C110.

Firstly, this espresso maker is manufactured with an ultra-urban, retro-modern design together as well as the exceptional practical and user-friendly functionality. This automatic espresso maker not only brews soothing, cafe-style coffee easily and quickly, but it also functions as a beautiful accent piece to any kitchen counter that is going to attracts anyone who walk past.

Another highlight of this single-serve machine is the unique extraction system that is designed especially for coffee-filled capsules. This means that you can have the perfect espresso every time and anytime. The espresso maker also has the ability to ensure a thick golden crema with its high-pressure 19-bar pump. This 19-bar pump is able to extracts all the aromas and gives body to the espresso. The machine is also capable of perforating the hermetically sealed capsule and soaks all the ground coffee to optimally filter the coffee for a delicious drink.

The 1260-watt espresso maker measures approximately 14-3/5 by 5 by 11 inches and has shipping weight of about 10 pounds.

Below are some of the features for the Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker:

  • 1-liter (33-3/4-fluid-ounce) water tank
  • Folding drip tray for tall latte macchiato glasses
  • 19 Bars of pressure
  • Energy power save mode

How to Use

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To begin using the machine, first, flip the power switch to “ON”, place a cup or mug under the coffee outlet. Next, open the lever, insert a capsule that you want and then close the lever. Finally, press the Lungo or Espresso button. It is that simple. The flow of the coffee is going to depend on the variety of coffee that is chosen, and the capsule container can collects up to 11 used capsules for later disposal.

This Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker also provides programmable and automatic volume control, automatic flow stop, an energy-saving mode, as well as the automatic pump refilling.

Some other highlights of this unit include a removable drip tray, a removable 1-liter water tank, and folding cup support (one position for a macchiato glass and the other for a cup).

More features below:

  • Automatic pump refilling
  • Programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo
  • 34 oz/1 L water tank
  • Folding cup support
  • Automatic flow stop
  • Power save mode
  • Mini brewing unit
  • Removable drip tray
  • Capsule container


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Height: 14-3/5 in
Width: 5 in
Length: 11 in
Weight: 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

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It’s a great machine, producing consistent quality coffee from cup to cup with a lovely crema at the top…(read more here: Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review)”

This machine does exactly one thing, and does it extremely well; it makes the best darn espresso…(read more here: Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review)”

Average Rating: 4.5


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros: At the time of writing this Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Review, there are 31 customers’ reviews in Amazon and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Out of those 31 reviews, 23 of them have given a 5 star rating and 3 have given a 4 star rating. About 85% of those reviews are positive reviews which means that consumers who have bought and used this machine like it very much. So in this section, we shall go and have a look at some of the pros for this espresso machine.

Firstly, this is a great coffee machine that has the capability of producing quality drinks from cup to cup with a lovely thick golden crema on top. Some customers feedback and said that this unit does exactly one thing and it did it very well and that is it can make the best espresso for you every morning when you wake up.

This unit is also very easy to use, you can just follow the instruction manual or simply scroll up to the “How to Use” section on our website to understand how to operate this machine. The CitiZ C110 is also very beautiful, small, simple and is definitely going to look good in any kitchen counter.

The 1260-watt machine measures 14-3/5 by 5 by 11 inches and has shipping weight of about 10 pounds.



product name consCons: No matter what products you buy, there are always pros and cons and it applies to this product as well. In this section, we shall look at some of the cons for this model.

Customers in Amazon who give a lower rating have feedback on the espresso that is brewed from this maker saying that it is not very strong. You will also need to purchase capsules for this Nespresso model.


Nespresso CitiZ C110 Price

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You can find out more about the price from Amazon by clicking the buy button below. Since Amazon sometimes will change the price of its products, we decided not to put any price down on our website so that you will not be confused by the difference in price. The reason for recommending you to buy it from Amazon if you are interested is because they have great support and awesome reputation online.

Check current pricing discounts:

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Recommendation (My Opinion)

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We would recommend this unit to you if you are looking for a small, beautiful, easy to use espresso machine that is going to make the best espresso for you every morning. Given the qualities of what it can do for you, the price of this C110 is definitely going to be worth it. Besides using it for yourself, you can also consider giving it to your friends or family as a gift and they will surely loves it.

Since this is a single serve model and if you are looking for one that is able to make multiple cups at once, then you might want to continue to look for some other coffee maker reviews on our website.


Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker Features Overview:

FeatureNespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker
DimensionMeasures approximately 14-3/5 by 5 by 11 inches
Weight10 Pounds
Average Rating4.5 Out of 5

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